Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Care Takuz Got Skillzzzzz

I remember listening to these dudes a while back and thinking to myself they are pretty straight. They had a good sound, I could vibe to the beats and I could tell they were having a good time. Actually, having fun with the music and not afraid to experiment with new sounds. For those that don't know The Care Takuz is a group made up of two members that are destined to be great in this music industry! I like that they are a concrete group because anyone with ears that can hear can tell when you listen to their music they have a natural chemistry. So who are they you ask? Professor C & Big Mike Mic realized their talents at different times in their lives. Professor C started out as a producer and progressed into rapping in 2005. Big Mike Mic started flexing his producing skills back in 1999 and later in 2002 realized he had a true gift of music and could bless the mic with his raps.

*Nori Moment* (The first time I met Mike was at one of the parties that I was throwing and he was the picture this dude is multifaceted)!

**** Throwback Performance*****

They were a production team that decided to expand their sound and it worked out. Pretty much what ever you need they are trying to give to you, double threat to the game. Professor C is currently in between cities. You might catch him in Chattanooga you might catch him in Murfreesboro. He is a student at MTSU and his major is Recording Industry Management (RIM). Thats right have a fall back career folk music is not guaranteed but he is still in the music industry by all means... Kudos for that bruhh. Now that introductions are out of the way, lets get to the music. I asked them how would they describe their music and they said, "The music is distinguished reality music that has a urban pop feel.... just call it experimental hip-hop".

The Care Takuz are ready for the world and the first song I am reviewing is "Don't U Hate It" I tell you what I hate that into that is about 26 seconds long. Artist that are not known should get right to the songs! Other than that I really like the song and it is marketable. It is catchy and I found myself singing along to it immediately. It was easy to listen to and it is relevant... the things they were saying a person may hate was funny. The facebook comment was real. Take a listen to the song.

Dont U Hate It.mp3

The next track they gave me is "Pose". Hands down when the beat dropped I figured I would like it cause it is very smooth. I love the melody of the song and I was like yeah thats right every dude should want a woman that step on the scene and pose for everyone to see. It is like they are telling a story with this song. Still to long of an intro for my liking. I would shorten it at least 15 seconds. Check it...

In my opinion they are doing a great job of showing they can make motivational music with "I Got U". I really liked the ad lib's and this song made me want to listen to see where the conversation was going. I am feeling this track and well..... ME LIKEY... :)

I Got U.mp3

Okay I have a confession to make, when I saw the title of the last song for some reason I immediately thought of some nasty freaky song and I feel so bad. It is the total opposite and shame on me for having nasty thoughts. Now that that is out of the way the song "Bring It Back" is talking about nothing other than repping it for the city of Chatt-Town! It is this unspoken rule that rappers make songs to rep where they from and I like the concept of making money and bringing it back to the city where it all started. I like the horns on the production side of things. Here it is....

Bring It Back.mp3

So in a Nutshell, The Care Takuz make good vibe music and I can get down with that on the real. I rate them 1 Nori! They have a couple of things to tweak but if they got a record deal today they would do just fine with some artist development!