Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sumthan Vicious

I sat down recently with the group to discuss the state of their music and why they feel they are the group that got next. Dustin T. is definitely the most outspoken of the two while Mike C. is the more chilled out one. As I talked to them I noticed how Dustin sat up and was very animated while Mike was cool and a bit more calculated. It is always fun to meet the people behind the music because they are never what you expect them to be. When I looked at Dustin I was like I know he not singing... but surprising he was very proud of his voice and his music. These cats met each by battle rapping and singing in Highland Park or as we call it in Chatt-Town (HP) years ago.Once they formed the group they knew that did not want to be fantasy rappers. "There is nothing wrong with saying you have never had nothing as long as you want something", Dustin said to me and I could not agree more. They have been doing shows around the city and they believe in performing their own music and told me they would rather do an album than a mixtape and jack beats. I found this very interesting because most artist use mixtapes as a launching pad and these dudes decided to go another route. I think originality is all good when people want to hear what you have to say. Then again that is the beauty of music make people want to listen to what you have to say. With that being said lets see what they talking about in their music.


Hmmm this was definitely not what I expected. This song almost sound like techno music. I would say that in the long run music like this has more of a chance of crossing over. It is good for all people. It makes you want to move. I like the singing and I could get into this track.


From the time this track started I could tell it was more hood than the last record. It is cool and I think they have a sound here in the city that is very recognizable. They could do somethings with there music if they really stay on it. I would recommend getting their music mixed and mastered better and working on their image but they are Sumthan vicious indeed. I will say that this is not just a stand out record but good just to get out to people none the less. These fellas are doing their thing and performing making a name for themselves. They are from humble beginnings and when they blow big will not forget where they come from.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get a feature from Legendary rapper Project Pat on a track!

I know that a lot of you local artist hit me up asking me to plug you with a big name artist. My friend Project Pat called me and told he heard Chatt is working with a lot of great talent and that he wanted to do some collaborating here in the city. I need to know who is interested in this great opportunity. I need you to hit me up ASAP so that I can give you his contact information. This is only for serious artist who want to take there music to the next level with a feature from Hip-Hop veteran Project Pat.