Monday, February 7, 2011

Cool Flight Home...

Dang.... I wish I was on these flights...

Im just saying when artist feel the need to perform they are getting up on "Airplanes" intercoms and doing the damn thang. YES! Im hating, why because I dont fly Delta and something tells me that all these impromptu performances are happening on Delta flights. Dang those cheap Air Tran flights and there online discounts. I need to see a free show of my favorite artists getting down on intercoms. I mean really first Kanye spit on a flight and now B.O.B. I see right now I need to step my game up and attend the Mile High Club a little more often then not. Enjoy the flight performances below.

Ladies: If you had a son, would you want him to marry a woman JUST LIKE YOU ARE today? Why or why not?

I was looking at one of the many blogs I visit daily and I came across this question. I thought about it and thought about it and came to one conclusion. YES! In a New York minute I would. I thought over my past relationships and I even evaluated the God sent relationship that I am in now and I knew I would want my future son to marry a woman like me. I have not been the most successful at relationshipss in the past (because I fell for guys that were not meant for me) but I am stonger and wiser because of the life experiences I learned. I have been blessed to be a virtuous woman. I am NOT PERFECT but I am the woman that God want me to be. That is patient, loyal, high integrity, a lover, faither, and giver amoung other things :-) When I am with a man I am with him ONLY. (As they say in the streets, ride or die chick.) I beleive that we are unstoppable together. We are inlove kindred spirits and compliment and add to each others lives. So yes, in a heart beat I would want my future son to marry a woman like me just as I am today. He would have a woman that is his help mate and will hold him up and always repect him as the man his is. I dont know when my future son will arrive on this earth (NO.Im not preggers), I dont even know what his name will be yet and I am already proud of him!