Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exclusive Hamilton Park Interview!

Hamilton Park self-titled EP includes “Computer Love” and “Thing Called Us” along with a remake of Guy’s classic “Piece Of My Love”. While the digital version includes the “Thing Called Us” remix ft. Jermaine Dupri. The R&B quartet’s 6-song compilation, their first release since signing as the first act to legendary music mogul Andre Harrell’s imprint label Harrell Records, will include the debut single “Thing Called Us,” soon to be fan favorite “Hard In The Paint,” as well as modern-day version of Guy’s classic, “Piece Of My Love.”) Hamilton Park recently shot a video for the up-tempo “Thing Called Us” remix with Jermaine Dupri, that will be hitting everywhere late October. The companion video clip to the original “Thing Called Us” track is currently in rotation at BET and MTV Jams. Hamilton Park has recently been featured in October 15th issues of Billboard magazine and the November issue of “Sister to Sister.” Hamilton Park is currently out on the Nationwide Scream tour, that kicked off in Augusta September 30th and travels across the country until the end of November.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#NoriCares 1st "Big Give Back"

WOW!!!! I was overwhelmed with the people that responded and gave/donated to Nori Cares. For me this is a dream realized and I plan to keep going. I was just so excited and happy to be set up and moving on the project. The give-a-way was held on September 3rd at the Avondale Recreation center. This was the center I spent many summers playing and doing homework from elementary through high school. Everyone at the center was so welcoming and everyone had words of encouragement. It was awesome to have the give back at this location. I thank Jesus for the many people we were able to bless on that morning. Its all about being blessed and a blessing to someone else.

*** A special thank you to Carver Recreation center; this was the first place I had donation drop-offs courtesy of Radiant Star Chapter 859 and Zion Hill Chapter 249 for allowing me to team up for their annual "Rep Your City" community event. This is when I knew I was doing something greater than I hoped for. I did take a pic at my booth I had set up and also here is the logo for Nori Cares!

I would also like to send a special thank you to the following people/businesses:

Jamaine and Natalie Akins
Stephen and Tionna Wright
Fenesa and Joy Russell
Paramount Podiatry
Chanda Ballard
Pamela Moss
Brewer Media Group
Deondra Tumlin
Miss Freda
LaKesha Tumlin
James Bacon
& Every one else that donated whose names I do not know!

You all made it happen...

The next Nori Cares give back will be October 13th from 11am-2pm at Avondale Recreation center

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nori Cares... COMING SOON!

Just waiting on the final logo!~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maybach Music... Self Made Vol 1 May 24th In Stores!!!

Sooo I just got off the line with Wale and yesterday I talked to Meek Mill... I am just to excited about Self Made Vol 1 dropping in just a bout a week. The interviews and music are posted below... Let me know what you think! Are you riding for Maybach music?

Follow them on Twitter: @wale and @meekmill

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final Draft "DO IT" Video feat CHATTANOOGA LADIES

Although you have to look quick myself along with other Chattanooga ladies got to have a great experience and be in Final Draft new video that will be on 106& Park soon! I open the video talking to the guys on my show and then the video follows with the guys at the radio station with screaming fans waiting outside the studio to take a pic and receive autographs. I would like to personally thank Final Draft and their managemtn for coming to Chattanooga. Making the video was fun and it also features Young Joc and J-Bar! WATCH below...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chris and Keith of Power94.3 WJTT Launch new site!

Check out the new website htttp:// Its interactive, fun and easy to navigate. You can post events, have discussions and blog as well. You can also win really HOT prizes... Looking for a new friend... check them out at htt:// and for a limited time sign up absolutely FREE!!!! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blessed and being a Blessing...

Ive had the opportunity to speak in the TN and GA schools systems with First Things First about healthy relationships and dating! Working with the First Things First organization and Power 94.3 WJTT I have been blessed to help many young people.
I have been blessed with the great opportunity to partner with Girls Inc for some community speaking events for the young ladies of Chattanooga. I know that one of my talents is the gift of public speaking and having a message to back that up is awesome. Here are a few places I will be speaking as well as some future events that are coming up soon as well...

March 29th
East Lake Academy
2700 East 34th Street
Chattanooga, TN 37407
Topic: Healthy Relationships

April 9th
Brainerd High School
1020 N Moore Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37411
Topic: Graduating Highschool, attending College
(Open to the Public)

I will also be speaking at the Cleveland, TN Boys and Girls Club conference. When I have the date and more information I will post it!

*It's nothing that I have done its is all by the GRACE OF GOD!

Thanks Chattanooga

Friday, March 11, 2011

Smart Water.... SEX TAPE

When I heard that Jennifer Anniston had a sex tape coming out... I thought to myself, another one bites the dust... lol. This was strategic marketing on the behalf of Smart Water because well lets face it... people like mess and seeing "Racheal" from the hit sitcom Friends in a sex tape would make people want to watch the video. This is now a viral sensation on the net like it was intended to be. Job Accomplished... lol check it out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can men & women be JUST friends?

I have thought of this question more often then not. I just watched the movie, "Life As We Know It". I find it interesting how two people who tried to date years ago, who did not like each at all could end up together. (If you have not seen the movie you should watch it... not gonna explain the whole movie.) It is simple YES, as long they do not put themselves in a situation that will allow them to engage in sexual activities. I have to say even the strongest, most committed person can fall short and make a HUGE mistake. Men and women were designed to be attracted to one another. You do not have to believe me but put my theory to the test. Ex: Put a man and a women in a room together alone a week or even over night and what will happen is by the time they leave they will have discovered qualities that they like about each other. It can vary from that persons physical attributes to their personality or mannerisms. Give the thoughts time to manifest and what will happen is they might find themselves thinking of this person especially if they were in any way attracted to them. The mind is quite powerful and thoughts can quickly turn into actions. It may go from hanging out, to watching movies to, touching and feeling and well you know where Im headed with this. So in essence yes, they can as long as they do not cross delicate boundaries and don't put them in any situations where something physical can happen. Please share you thoughts in the comments section.

P.S. If you have a great relationship don't put yourself in the position to mess up a good thing. You never miss a good things until its gone.


Monday, March 7, 2011


I ran across this on facebook and absolutely loved this spoken word poem!

You know what really grinds my gears?

-Grown men with braids.. cut your damn hair!

-Stank breath.

-When I see a mom or father out with their kids and they look better kept than their children.

-Bad attitude.

-When I burn food, especially when its the last of something.

-Ungrateful folks.

-My last name being Moss ughhhh.... Im a Heard until I get married.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Cool Flight Home...

Dang.... I wish I was on these flights...

Im just saying when artist feel the need to perform they are getting up on "Airplanes" intercoms and doing the damn thang. YES! Im hating, why because I dont fly Delta and something tells me that all these impromptu performances are happening on Delta flights. Dang those cheap Air Tran flights and there online discounts. I need to see a free show of my favorite artists getting down on intercoms. I mean really first Kanye spit on a flight and now B.O.B. I see right now I need to step my game up and attend the Mile High Club a little more often then not. Enjoy the flight performances below.

Ladies: If you had a son, would you want him to marry a woman JUST LIKE YOU ARE today? Why or why not?

I was looking at one of the many blogs I visit daily and I came across this question. I thought about it and thought about it and came to one conclusion. YES! In a New York minute I would. I thought over my past relationships and I even evaluated the God sent relationship that I am in now and I knew I would want my future son to marry a woman like me. I have not been the most successful at relationshipss in the past (because I fell for guys that were not meant for me) but I am stonger and wiser because of the life experiences I learned. I have been blessed to be a virtuous woman. I am NOT PERFECT but I am the woman that God want me to be. That is patient, loyal, high integrity, a lover, faither, and giver amoung other things :-) When I am with a man I am with him ONLY. (As they say in the streets, ride or die chick.) I beleive that we are unstoppable together. We are inlove kindred spirits and compliment and add to each others lives. So yes, in a heart beat I would want my future son to marry a woman like me just as I am today. He would have a woman that is his help mate and will hold him up and always repect him as the man his is. I dont know when my future son will arrive on this earth (NO.Im not preggers), I dont even know what his name will be yet and I am already proud of him!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I feel ya my nappy sister! DAMMIT...LOL

This is hilarious to me because this is how I feel sometimes! I attempted to go natural 3 times before I actually did it. When I first started I was a mess just like this chick in the video... very frustrated! It is a PROCESS! Anyways she cuss a lot but she makes very valid points. I hope you see the humor in this like I did.

I took this video from