Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"I'm about to die, I'm about to die," I can be so dramatic... lol YUUUP

Interviewing "My" Jeremih

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top 10 List of things an artist NEED to do!!!!

10. Read and Study.... become educated on the business that you want to be apart of so bad. If you are a hip-hop artist or an R&B artist become a learner of your craft and those that paved the way for you to be the artist that you are.

9. Learn to adapt, never get stuck in your ways... music is ever changing and if you really want to be apart of this industry stay one step ahead.

8.Protect your music and your originality. You need to get your music copy righted so that no one can ever steal your material. If someone does try to take your music you can have the proper paper work to show you were the originator of the music you can get your just do.

7. Your music need to be registered. Your music need to have bar codes so that you can show up on BDS. This is how record reps, A&R executives and people in the industry can keep up with what radio stations around the country are playing your songs and how many times.

6. Do not be a hater... support other artist trying to make it because you will need and want the same support. If Marvin Gaye hated on Stevie Wonder where would be music be today? Support others and you will in return get support.

5. Performing is key. Learn how to be a performer instead of a person on stage yelling into the mic. Book as many performances your schedule will allow. This builds a strong fan base and it is great practice.

4. Presentation is everything... make sure that your music is packaged professionally. If you are giving your music to people make sure that it is well prepared and the information is in the right order. (Never write on a CD and think people are going to take your seriously)Invest in printed labels for your music. You need the name of the artist or group, name of the song... If you have to go to a music store FYE or music section in Wal-Mart look at how a real package look and do your best to duplicate it.

3. Give your music to DJ's... not people who claim to be DJ's but the one's that spin regularly in clubs. A DJ is your best tool when trying to get your record played and recognized.

2. Get total strangers to listen to your music. Don't tell them it is you until you get their honest feed back. Your mama, family and friends may not tell you that the song sucks because they don't want to hurt your feelings but a total stranger will tell you if your music is good or not. Let more than a few people listen to your music, get the opinions of a lot of people so that you have a variety of feedback to work with. It only makes you better.

1. Never Stop Grinding.... get your name out there in the streets and where ever you go leave a CD. Word of mouth is powerful, the more people talk the better. PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE... rep your music when no one else do. Use the free networking sites to your advantage. Building relationships with people and use those connections to promote your music. You are your biggest fan.