Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolution... NOT!!! Just Keep Moving Forward

To have.... or not to have a new years resolution! I personally, do not make New Years resolutions anymore. I used to make them but they were things I knew in the back of my mind I was not going to do... EXAMPLE. I would say, oh this year I am going to work out. Oh this year I am going to make X amount of dollars. Yes, I can do these things but realistically I did not have a plan or strategy of how I would do all these things. This year I do have a plan and I have a visual for that plan. It is amazing to experience and live in my maturity. I have grown up! I mean I have really started to learn who I am and what I like and what I want. Most importantly I am learning to be still and listen to quiet voice of God. The father has truly moved in my life and I have seen him also move the hearts of man. I know what I want going forward in 2010 and I am going to get it. I am moving my show in a new direction in this New Year as well as the content of this blog. I will still highlight and showcase new artists but there will be a lot more versitiliy in the content. I will be more open with you about my life and about what I see on a day to day basis. I will also quit trying to be so soft when it comes to letting these artist know what I like and dont like about there music. Trust me this industry is much more than good music and as I grow and learn I will share with you. I guess you can call this the introduction for the New Year. I will also post weekly on this blog make sure to check back and see whats next...just know that I will and I encourage you to just keep moving forward. Failures are the stepping stones to success :-)

Love u with all of me!
Nori Nori