Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#NoriCares 1st "Big Give Back"

WOW!!!! I was overwhelmed with the people that responded and gave/donated to Nori Cares. For me this is a dream realized and I plan to keep going. I was just so excited and happy to be set up and moving on the project. The give-a-way was held on September 3rd at the Avondale Recreation center. This was the center I spent many summers playing and doing homework from elementary through high school. Everyone at the center was so welcoming and everyone had words of encouragement. It was awesome to have the give back at this location. I thank Jesus for the many people we were able to bless on that morning. Its all about being blessed and a blessing to someone else.

*** A special thank you to Carver Recreation center; this was the first place I had donation drop-offs courtesy of Radiant Star Chapter 859 and Zion Hill Chapter 249 for allowing me to team up for their annual "Rep Your City" community event. This is when I knew I was doing something greater than I hoped for. I did take a pic at my booth I had set up and also here is the logo for Nori Cares!

I would also like to send a special thank you to the following people/businesses:

Jamaine and Natalie Akins
Stephen and Tionna Wright
Fenesa and Joy Russell
Paramount Podiatry
Chanda Ballard
Pamela Moss
Brewer Media Group
Deondra Tumlin
Miss Freda
LaKesha Tumlin
James Bacon
& Every one else that donated whose names I do not know!

You all made it happen...

The next Nori Cares give back will be October 13th from 11am-2pm at Avondale Recreation center