Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Actions speak louder than words...

Every since I heard Jill Scott "He Loves Me" I knew that I wanted to feel this way about someone. Its a great song but the answer is does she/he love you back? Actions will always over rule what a person is saying. When you care of about someone you show it. You do for them unselfishly and you may go lacking to make sure that person have. Actions will motivate others to give you that same love and kindness back to them and to others. LOVE... I Love it! Love with ACTIONS is priceless!

Monday, December 13, 2010

For ladies who have natural hair!

I love these youtube natural hair blogs... I look at these as a reference when I am wearing my natural hair out. These two ladies take you step by step through different natural hairstyles. To find them on youtube search their names.

I love these chicks youtube pages.

They also have great information on good hair care products as well... happy styling!

Snow Day... REALLY?

It is so funny to me that in the beautiful city that I live in that everyone is afraid of snow. Grant it that we do not get snow often and on a few occassions the snow has gotten ridiculous but not this weekend. I know a place were more than 20 twenty people called in out of work because of the two inches of snow that the city had. Im sorry but I refuse to beleive that all of those people lived on a hill... lol. That is the main excuse that most people like to use here when they can't make it to work. Now, I really do live on a hill so I made the executive decision last night when I got home to park at the bottom of the hill. Here is an example of how light of snow we had about the time morning came.
Now do you think I was gonna miss work for this... NOPE! I will say that in some places there was more ice on the ground than others. I hope everyone enjoyed there snow day and my good people use those call in days for when you really need them.

Im feeling really expressive... lol