Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day... REALLY?

It is so funny to me that in the beautiful city that I live in that everyone is afraid of snow. Grant it that we do not get snow often and on a few occassions the snow has gotten ridiculous but not this weekend. I know a place were more than 20 twenty people called in out of work because of the two inches of snow that the city had. Im sorry but I refuse to beleive that all of those people lived on a hill... lol. That is the main excuse that most people like to use here when they can't make it to work. Now, I really do live on a hill so I made the executive decision last night when I got home to park at the bottom of the hill. Here is an example of how light of snow we had about the time morning came.
Now do you think I was gonna miss work for this... NOPE! I will say that in some places there was more ice on the ground than others. I hope everyone enjoyed there snow day and my good people use those call in days for when you really need them.

Im feeling really expressive... lol

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