Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can men & women be JUST friends?

I have thought of this question more often then not. I just watched the movie, "Life As We Know It". I find it interesting how two people who tried to date years ago, who did not like each at all could end up together. (If you have not seen the movie you should watch it... not gonna explain the whole movie.) It is simple YES, as long they do not put themselves in a situation that will allow them to engage in sexual activities. I have to say even the strongest, most committed person can fall short and make a HUGE mistake. Men and women were designed to be attracted to one another. You do not have to believe me but put my theory to the test. Ex: Put a man and a women in a room together alone a week or even over night and what will happen is by the time they leave they will have discovered qualities that they like about each other. It can vary from that persons physical attributes to their personality or mannerisms. Give the thoughts time to manifest and what will happen is they might find themselves thinking of this person especially if they were in any way attracted to them. The mind is quite powerful and thoughts can quickly turn into actions. It may go from hanging out, to watching movies to, touching and feeling and well you know where Im headed with this. So in essence yes, they can as long as they do not cross delicate boundaries and don't put them in any situations where something physical can happen. Please share you thoughts in the comments section.

P.S. If you have a great relationship don't put yourself in the position to mess up a good thing. You never miss a good things until its gone.


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