Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get a feature from Legendary rapper Project Pat on a track!

I know that a lot of you local artist hit me up asking me to plug you with a big name artist. My friend Project Pat called me and told he heard Chatt is working with a lot of great talent and that he wanted to do some collaborating here in the city. I need to know who is interested in this great opportunity. I need you to hit me up ASAP so that I can give you his contact information. This is only for serious artist who want to take there music to the next level with a feature from Hip-Hop veteran Project Pat.


  1. Hello Nori I am very interested in working with Project Pat He & Three 6 Mafia opened so many doors for not only TN but the South!Who am I?LOL... YoungPrettyC im sure magic and mutual friend through out the city will tell u i was born and raised in Chattanooga.I now live in Atlanta still chasing my Dream of Music!i check on this site and Power 94 sites to see whats going on to still better my self an stay ahead!My contact info Mixtape] YoungPrettyC American Muscle Hosted by Sid Vicious/YoungPrettyC @DatPiffMixtapes - .please check my out

  2. I am interested in a feature with Project Pat for an up and coming artist out of Mississippi. I represent Empire Records out Jackson, MS and we are hard at work with our first project. Please contact me at, or 3033242298 with the details as to how to make this happen. Thanx for your time.