Friday, May 29, 2009

Double the fun with Double E

Double E, Double E, Double E.... when I saw him for the first time I had to do a double take...lmao. I had to say that, lol the music is whats important right now and this man is on point when it comes to what new tracks he is releasing and message in his music. He has been in this business for a while and has wore many different hats in the industry. His flow is like his demeanor, very easy going. As busy as he always is, he finds the time to tell me what he is working on and why his music needs to reach the people. Its crazy how we first met because it was a shock for me and a scheduled interview for him. Now, keep in mind I do radio so I do not have to dress up for work so yep I was looking a mess. Nope he was not scheduled for the interview, he had actually brought a group to Chatt that he was managing and they had the interview....(that I did not know! So imagine my surprise to find out DoubleE was an artist a few conversations later. I was not disappointed and you will not be either. The feature single is "Rain on Her". It has a upbeat tempo perfect for summer time fun and he is talking about of course making it rain on her. Not how you think, his lyrics are not harsh just flirtatious enough to make you feel sexy as a woman and want to listen for what he has to say next. This song is all about pleasing the ladies and making them feel appreciated by the end of the track.

The featured video is a different side of what he can do because he is also a conscience rapper. He embraces the truth that people are in need and they have to keep "Dreamin". I have to give it to him because he is making quality videos without a signed deal. When I first saw the video I was very impressed.
There is no telling where you will see him next because he stay doing shows all over. The last time I talked to him he was performing in Florida. I give his new single and video a NoriNori. Big ups to you for your grind ethics and determination. I was on his myspace and saw this number so I thought I would pass it along to you 504-208-4916. I have not called it so I have no idea if someone will answer or if it is a voicemail. Whatever the case if someone answer or if its voicemail tell them I would co-sign this dude music anyday of the week!


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  1. Yo,NoriNori ur blog is pretty fresh!I just finished listening to "Dreamin'" and that cut is straight...Especially when the brotha said "I want more but enough is the cure" a lot of people need to understand that 4 real...Peaced out & keep doin u!

    JUS_chillin (ur twitter