Wednesday, May 20, 2009

He Jus Sleepy...

Jus Sleep is the coolest reject that I know and I wouldn't have it any other way. I do not know exactly when the connection happened but it is one that was via a myspace fumble. I remember sitting at the radio station bored and getting a message that was something like check out my music. I was thinking booo here we go again but shhh why not, I have nothing to loose by listening to this looser. On the contrary he is neither a looser nor is he boring. I can't really put my finger on his sound but it is uniquely calculated and executed depending on how he is feeling at the moment. He puts me in the mind of a Talib Kweli and Kanye West when it comes to his lyrical content. Since that day I came across his page I have been a fan. I will go on record as saying I am Jus Sleep's #1 FAN in this bish ( I am sure his mom would argue me down that she is, she knows all his lyrics too, and let me not forget his lil boy. Ok damn I am his #3rd biggest fan...lmao). Oh by the way his page is it wouldn't be right if I did not tell you.

The featured song tonight is "Bills to Pay". Now me and Sleep went back and forth on this record because it is one that had to grow on me but it is fitting that I use this song because lets just be real we all got damn bills to pay. It is a song no matter your back ground that everyone can relate to. An interesting fact about him is that he is in the Army. Yes, he sampled Aretha Franklin and he killed the track. I remember the first time we ever spoke on the phone he called me and this man was in Iraq, that freaked me out. He is currently in Honduras and still working on his craft. Don't let this Army dude fool ya he is still recording and you can expect two new projects being released from him later this year around September. The highest rating that an artist can get on my blog is 2 Nori's and he has earned his NoriNori. This is only the beginning for Jus Sleep and with all due repect his black A@! better not forget about me when he makes it :)

This video is just a taste of what Jus Sleep and Mike Murda can create together. This was featured on Power 94.3 WJTT for weeks on end. The single "WAR" highlights as a soilder how he is feeling and how sometimes our government can just kick rocks!

Jus Sleep- Bills to Pay.wma

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