Monday, July 20, 2009

All eyez on BWorldStar

BWorldStar is a native of Nigeria and definitely have his very own unique sound and style. It is one that is memorable and none of this would be possible if it was not all for a dream. I mean this literally! I ask all of the artist that are featured what brought them into the music and to date BWorldStar has given me the most interesting answer. He said that he had a dream with 2pac in it. I was like really and so his interest in pursuing music was born.He came to the states for a better opportunity seven years ago and he might just find it. I have been to many studio sessions and I can not imagine how his sessions go, he is so laid back and reserved in person. BWorldStar has been making music since October of last year and has been strongly encouraged to pursue his love for music by his family and friends. Now it is time to receive my feedback as well as a bigger audiences point of view of his music. He gave me a CD full of music to check out but choose specifically four songs to be featured and two songs for review.

The first song is titled "My Motha" it is a tribute song and I like his singing voice.

My Motha.m4a

The second song is one that is up for review, "Tennessee". This song is a returning champion song on Chattanooga's Street Flava on Power 94.3 WJTT and it is the best on the CD. I really enjoy his singing voice but I do not understand everything that is being said because his accent is so strong. I would hands down prefer to hear BWorldStar sing. I am not a fan of talking on a track when an artist is unknown. On this song he did not have to long of an intro. His tracks are simple but good and that is key in this business. He sounds like an elementary rapper because the verses are very rudimentary. They verses could have used more thought in the execution of the delivery.


The last reviewed track is "Wish Me Luck", a song about getting caught up in bad situations and letting people know its all good and it will work out just wish him luck. It is okay but I think he needs some work and need to have a better bridge. I do like how the song ended. In this song I feel like he should have talked about more and I would have like it better if he would have sang instead of rapped the song. When BWorldStar sings it makes it easier to understand the thick accent.

Wish Me Luck.m4a

Don't 4Get.m4a

I think BWorldStar with time can perfect his craft and achieve what he has set out to accomplish in music. I give him a work in progress and wish him success.

Twitter: @bworldstar

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