Monday, July 6, 2009

I Am Judicial

Persistence is the key in this business. I have to give props to the dude. He is about his craft and he is working with good people. What good people am I talking about you ask? I will get to that in a minute but first lets find out more about who Judicial is...shall we. Judicial, government name Martin Francis has been doing his music thang since about 10 years old. Like most rappers he wanted to pursue other career options like being a ball player but realized he was skilled in music and is more interested in a rap career. I am not mad at him he has the skills to do so. He is originally from St. Thomas, V.I. by way of Orlando, FL. In 2004 he took a leap of faith and moved to the city where many artist have gotten their big break... ATL. Although that seems to be the melting pot for new and old artist I hope he does not get lost in the mix. So far so good. He has been doing open mics in the city and has created an undeniable buzz for himself. The streets are ready for more of what Judicial and the Home Team Music Group has to offer.

The featured song is "She Can Get It" featuring JC (from Block Ent). I know JC and when I said earlier that he was working with good people I meant that. I like the song but this sounds familiar like I have heard it before. It is a flattering song to the ear but I am sure if it is a chart topper. I think it is a good album song. JC is good on the vocals, ( I think I hear a lil bit of autotune being used). I like what is being said, the content is good and I like the versus. I just think it is missing something that make you want to sing along and remember the words. This is based on my opinion and this is the nature of this site to offer what I think and hopefully improve the artist. The production of the track and quality is superb. I give this one Nori. Keep grinding! Judicial potential is crazy hot!

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  1. He is Cute. Oh yeah nice song

  2. I lubb this Song. Cant wait to hear this on the radio!!!

  3. This song goes Hard!!!

  4. Is this song on the radio?? I like