Saturday, July 25, 2009

The King is here!

You want to know why I like King Lathan aka Big C's music? I like it because he is not afraid to take risks. He is adventurous with his creativity and that alone will make room for him in the hectic industry that everyone and there mama want to be apart of. I was acquainted with his music way before I knew who he really was. He is a street Flava All Star. I can not tell you how may weeks this man reigned on the air but he definitely has a nice fan base in the city. He has a upcoming mixed type called, "Best of All Worlds" and the title is fitting. He has two names that people know him by in the streets and I have decided that I prefer King Lathan so that is what I will call him through out this feature. He says that is music can not be classified into one genre. He thinks he can do it and I mean why not! He does alternative, rock, rave and hip-hop music. I can dig that. He has only been rapping for 3 years but I would agree with him that he can paint pictures with his music. He started out making music for his enjoyment but has decided to consider his audience. He refuses to entertain haters and negativity and I think that is why his music is fun and entertaining. He is a motivated dude and a jack of all trades. He does his own graphic designs and photography. ( Hey its a recession for some folks, if you can do it yourself you better! LOL) He hit my up with three songs to review and they are as follow:

"I Never"
I am liking the mellow beat of this song. It almost sound like he is singing but he is not singing. It has a great flow. I am feeling the content. I am not the biggest fan of a lot of profanity being used but sometimes artist feel that is the best way to say what they got to say. The song is about not having all the money, diamonds and women in the beginning and how groupie chicks did not show him love. But when he came up they were sweating him. I like it, pretty dope song and track. Its the truth.

"Tokyo Drift Remix"
This song is fun and It is one of my favorite that I listened to. I have never heard the original song but it is a great up tempo joint. I call this happy music with all the sound effects. Different and fresh!

Tokyo Drift.mp3

Hmmm this song is aight. I was not really feeling it for some reason but I am all about content and it did have a positive message but still talked about his foolishness. I feel like I have heard this song before and it did not stand out to me.


I feel like with some artist development he can leave his mark in the game. I give him 1 Nori. Keep working homie!

Twitter: @KingLathan

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